Review Policy


So here’s just a brief on how and what I review:

  • I usually review Young Adult and New Adult Literature, though, occasionally, I may review books from other genres.
  • Within YA or NA books, I review almost all sub-genres: fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary, romance, dystopian and paranormal – although the last one I’m a bit picky about.
  • In my reviews, I will include:
    • Title of the book
    • Name of the author
    • Genre
    • Date published

I also include an image of the book cover and a short synopsis (both of which is from Goodreads). And then comes my review! The review is my honest opinion on the book, along with elements that I liked or didn’t like, and my thoughts on the characters and the plot. I also share a quote from the book before the review, that I liked or feel sets the tone of the book. Lastly, I give the book a final rating out of five.

Although, regardless of the rating I give any book, I still respect and admire the author for all the work that they’ve put in into writing their book, because let’s face it, writing is just about the hardest thing in the world (but also the most rewarding).

Interacting with other bloggers or readers is the best part of having a book blog, so feel free to share your thoughts as well!

And, finally, here’s how my rating system works:


Sorry, this book really just wasn’t my cup of tea.


Eh. I liked some elements from this book, but I won’t be re-reading it any time soon.


I liked it. It’s worth giving a read.


This book is great! Would definitely recommend.


I love this book! In total fangirl mode right now!


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